Barbara Gigante


My works are mostly the result of my introspective meditation. I follow my insights and emotions and when I start a new painting I never know where it will end to...I am inspired by nature, urban surrounding, light, sound, colours, all reworked inwardly. I respond to how I see and experience places, the paintings are reworked and layered seeking a visual equivalent rather than a representation.


I love working with oil and acrylics on sanded surfaces, mostly canvas, hessian canvas and cardboard. I also use oil, oil pastel and mixed-media; as a print-maker, aquatint and collography have been my favorite techniques.


 I let the colors, texture and light lead me instead of me planning and organizing it beforehand. Experimenting and exploring new methods is very important to me as well as keeping the traditional sketching and life drawing skills from the old school. 




This website is in memory of Derek Watson, who helped me to build it up.




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